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Here are some excerpts from the final product of different publications, as provided to several clients. Please note that any knowledge or information acquired from the material, data, systems, or  other media shall not be used  or divulged in connection with any service rendered to any other person, firm or corporation, unless it has been disseminated first amongst the general public. Thus, this presentation is intended for evaluation purposes only.

Alisa International Language Services

English into Spanish

Legal (Contracts, Patents, Corporate, Real Estate, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law)
Medical (Health care, Nutrition, Alternative Medicine, Devices)
Business (Employee Handbooks, Manuals, Procedures and Policies, Workers Comp, Training/Motivational)
Advertising & Marketing (Brochures, Print Ads, TV and Radio Scripts, Web Sites)
Accounting and Finance (Stock holding Information & Benefits, Banking Information)
Academic (Educational, Presentations)
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Spanish into English

Legal (certified translations for immigration and other official/non-official purposes)
Accounting & Finance (Financial Statements and Audit Reports)
Academic (certified translations for submission to professional evaluation services and/or others)